COLEEN CURRY: Open, Highly Commendable

COLEEN CURRY: Open, Highly Commendable



Highly Commendable: Onlay and Inlay

COLEEN CURRY, United States

Barry Lopez, woodcuts by Barry Moser
(Santa Rosa, CA: Nawakum Press, 2013)
600 x 340 x 30 mm

Full leather binding with laced-in boards,
sewn on meeting guards.
Bound in hand-dyed, painted, craquelled, embossed and tooled kangaroo, with onlays and inlays of coral and green snake skin, bronze salmon skin, distressed copper and painted calf splits, and tooling with binder’s custom brass wheel.
Edge-to-edge doublures and flyleaves in ‘slate’ stone veneer, the doublures paint-washed with micaceous iron oxide.
Natural edges.
Hand-sewn silk endbands.
Title blind tooled and colored with micaceous iron oxide wash.