2021 COVID-19 UPDATE: 9-16-21

The American Academy of Bookbinding (AAB) is under the umbrella of the Ah Haa School for the Arts (Ah Haa). The COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols have recently been updated. These new protocols include proof of vaccination for COVID-19 for students attending classes at either AAB or the Ah Haa School.

The Ah Haa / AAB are closely monitoring the rates of infection both in San Miguel County and Colorado. Based on this ever-evolving information, the dates for reopening in-person classes could be delayed as we continually assess our ability to provide a safe setting for students, staff, and faculty.

For San Miguel County’s COVID-19 statistics and information, please visit https://covid-19-sanmiguelco.hub.arcgis.com

For the updated AAB / Ah Haa COVID Heath and Safety protocols to be sent to you, please contact aab@ahhaa.org

Thank you,

Chip Schilling
Managing Director