Welcome to AAB

Welcome to the American Academy of Bookbinding. For those who are familiar with our school, you will see many new and exciting opportunities in this year’s offerings. From Peter Geraty’s new Tooling class focused on run-up production style tooling, to a Master Class with Argentinian Fine Binder, Sol Rébora, we think that even the most experienced bookbinders will find something in these pages that they simply can’t miss out on.

For those who are just discovering AAB: we hope that it’s all new and exciting to you! We also hope that you will be able to attend a class and become a member of the AAB community, for they are one and the same. Those who come here to study tend to fall in love with the entire experience and forge lifelong connections with their fellow bookbinders. And those who are new to the craft will be pleased to find that we now offer two levels for our Introduction to Bookbinding class in order to meet students exactly where they are in their experience and education.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to highlight the growth of our staff in the past year. Deb Stevens has been managing the administration of the Academy almost single-handedly since 2011. There is more work than any one person can reasonably accomplish, particularly as we strive to develop new programs and initiatives like the Open Set competition/exhibition and classes for local community members of all ages in collaboration with the Ah Haa School for the Arts, our parent organization. With that in mind, Katy Baum was hired in May 2017 as the incoming Managing Director, allowing Deb to focus her efforts on marketing and assisting in program development. Katy, a devoted student who comes to us from Michigan with a strong background in both bookbinding and administration, has transitioned smoothly and completely proven herself to be just the right fit for the school. She looks forward to being at the helm well into AAB’s promising future of growth. It’s an exciting transition that we expect will lead to increased opportunities for all of our students.

From all the team here at AAB, we look forward to seeing you in 2018!

AAB is spiritual sanctum for me, I adore the staff and the facilities are fantastic. Everyone goes beyond the basic expectations of a workshop setting to make my time there special and treasured.

 . . being captured in this box canyon is a bookbinder’s dream.  There are very few places left in the world that, by the sheer force of their beauty and solitude, instill a level of peace that welcomes creativity.

My experience at AAB was a game changer.

The AAB program is very challenging and requires a significant commitment both in class and independently to achieve the quality of work required . . . It’s worth it.