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APRIL 29 – MAY 3 | LANG INGALLS | $800
If you have never taken a bookbinding class before, this is the class for you. This is a one-week class devoted to the fundamental building blocks of bookbinding; it is an introduction to the binding of books into cloth and paper covers.

Starting at the very beginning, students will learn about paper grain, cutting and folding, making and sewing the signature and producing a pamphlet binding. From there they will expand to multi-signature sewing and case binding. Introduction to the essential tools of the trade will be covered. Students will learn techniques, tricks and habits that will prepare them to progress to the next level or to practice and explore on their own at home. The marvels of paper, the details of sewing, the characteristics of an attractive book cover and more are taught in this class.

I’m not sure I ever expected bookbinding to become more than an intriguing afterthought in my mind, but through my time at the American Academy of Bookbinding, I found a taste of what I want to do for the rest of my life.


MAY 6 – 10 | MONIQUE LALLIER | $800
The Separate Boards Structure offers versatility and elegance for those who are just getting started with leather, or for those who would like to add a structure to their repertoire that is less time-consuming than a traditional leather binding. Students will begin by sewing a multi-section book, rounding, and then lining the spine. From there, students will begin paring leather for the spine of their book. Students who have never pared leather before will be thrilled with this opportunity to start with a relatively small investment of time and materials. Because the spine is made separately from the cover boards, the structure offers tremendous flexibility as well as the possibility of titling on a stamping machine when available. The “separate” boards can be covered with a variety of materials that complement or contrast the spine — decorative paper, cloth, leather or a combination — the possibilities are endless!


MAY 13 – 17 | MONIQUE LALLIER | $800
If you haven’t yet learned the New Oriental Binding, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. During the first two days of the workshop, students will create beautiful, decorated papers that may be used for the bindings they will make in the second part of the workshop. During the last three days of the workshop, Monique will guide students through the process of making elegant New Oriental Bindings, a technique that is very popular in Europe. The beauty of the New Oriental binding is that the pages open flat and no glue touches the sections of the book. The technique is linked to the well-known Japanese stab binding, but without the visible sewing. The difference is the preparation of the text block as each section is sewn separately. The covers are also created individually and attached to the text block at the end of the process. The technique works better on thinner books but text blocks can be as thick as one inch. For the bindings, students may use the beautiful papers they made in class, or may use a combination of materials including leather and cloth. This is a wonderful opportunity to study a lovely and useful structure with one of the finest binders in the country.