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Diploma Programs

The American Academy of Bookbinding currently offers diploma programs for both Fine Binding and Integrated Studies. Students can apply for the diploma program of their choice after having attended a minimum of four classes at AAB, including the Fundamentals of Fine Leather Binding.

Since students will enter their chosen program with varying levels of experience, each will have slightly different diploma requirements. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their Program Director throughout the year in order to discuss their current work and to determine the next steps toward the fulfillment of the diploma requirements.

In addition to the required coursework, students enrolled in the diploma program will need to complete a certain amount of work at home, independently in their own studio. These homework assignments ensure that each diploma student has the ability to complete projects at a professional level on their own. Upon successful completion of the diploma requirements, and with approval from the Program Director, the student will begin work on their diploma projects. Experts in the field will then jury the diploma projects and successful candidates will graduate with an official diploma from the Academy. As students are required to attend only a few weeks of classes a year at the Academy, the average length of time needed to complete all diploma requirements is four to six years.

For more information please view the guidelines below.

Fine Binding Guidelines  |    Integrated Study Guidelines

Diploma Application Form

Graduates / Candidates*

Cathy Adelman | 2003 FB
Jeffrey Altepeter | 2003 FB
Cynthia Bélanger | 2003 FB
Mark Kirchner | 2003 FB
Sabina Nies | 2005 FB
Lang Ingalls | 2007 FB
Brenda Parsons | 2008 C
Coleen Curry | 2009 FB
Sophia Bogle | 2009 C
Ruth M. Strach | 2009 C
Karen Hanmer | 2014 FB
Lisa Isley | 2014 C
Marilyn Mohr | 2014 C
Sialia Rieke | 2015 FB
Malina Belcheva | 2015 C
Susan Peacock | 2016 C
Emily Bell | 2017 C
Susan Hulme | 2017 FB
Sharon Fickeissen | 2018 C
Deborah Thompson | 2020 FB