Open Set 2020 Registration Information


registration process

  • Submit payment (either online or by check).
  • Complete the Registration Form online.
  • You will receive confirmation and your personal identification number.
  • You will automatically be added to the mailing list for all OPEN • SET 2020 communications.
  • If you have opted to bind the Set Book, it will be mailed to you.
  • For additional information and questions, please contact Exhibition Coordinator, Lang Ingalls

identification number

  • Each entrant is assigned a randomly selected Identification Number associated with their name and submission.
  • This number is preceded by an “O” or “S” depending on the category.
  • If you enter books in both categories, you will receive a separate number for each book and each will require its own box and need to be labeled appropriately.
  • The organizers ask that this ID number appear only on the spine of the clamshell box, as described in Submission Preparation.


  • A catalog will be produced of each submission, along with information from the Online Submission Form.
  • Each entrant will receive a copy of the catalog.
  • Participant catalogs will be sent out in January of 2017, after the prizes have been announced and awarded.