preparing your submission

To expedite the process and enable us to cross-check all submissions, we have developed a two-fold system for the information concerning your book. Prior to packing and shipping your submission, you will need to complete the Online Submission Form accessed by clicking on the button below. After you “SUBMIT” this, you will receive an email receipt that shows everything you entered. Please print this out and include with your book, as specified below.


protective enclosure requirements

  • Please make a sturdy, custom clamshell box for your submission.
  • Adhere a label to the exterior spine of the box, with only your Identification Number on it.
  • The interior of the box should contain only two items:
    1. your book (unsigned)
    2. a printout of your Online Submission Form
  • Boxes are intended to protect your book. We recommend a custom sturdy, double-walled clamshell box.


packing your boxed submission

  • We recommend packing your clamshell box with significant protective materials with special attention to corners.
  • You will receive email notice of package’s arrival and condition from OPEN • SET organizers.


posting your submission

  • All submissions should be posted to Deb Stevens at the American Academy of Bookbinding in one of two ways:

1. Preferred method is through the United States Post Office. Please use this address:

Deb Stevens, American Academy of Bookbinding

Post Office Box 1590
Telluride, CO 81432

2. Some entrants may elect to post their submission with UPS or FedEx. These companies require a street address. In this case, please post to:

Deb Stevens, American Academy of Bookbinding
117 North Willow Street
Telluride, CO 81432        

  • If a phone number is required, please use Deb’s cell number 970-708-9013.
  • If you are posting Internationally, please contact Lang ( for help with customs declarations or mailing requirements.
  • We remind you that all submissions are due by September 1, 2019.
  • Submissions received after this time will not be considered for jury review.



  • A catalog will be produced of each submission, along with information from the Online Submission Form.
  • Each entrant will receive a copy of the catalog.
  • Participant catalogs will be sent out after the prizes have been announced to the winners.


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