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This class was so much more than I had ever imagined that it would be. Great to be back at AAB!!!

The instructor did a great job of outlining exactly what we needed to do, explaining it, then reinforcing the goals at the end of every demo. Having both the instructor and the assistant walking around to make sure everyone was up to speed and on the same page was also a great reminder to either get myself together and complete the task or take the time to make sure with them that I was fully grasping the process.

Incredibly valuable, being able to learn from a Master in the Art!

I was pleased, given this was an “Introduction” to the world of bookbinding, that I was able to find validation in my pursuit of the craft. I suppose my “ah haa” moment was being provided the proper learning and instruction to make me realize on a level of surety that this, binding, is something I want to and look forward to being a part of my life.

THIS PLACE IS A PALACE OF HOPES AND DREAMS — IT’S PERFECT. The staff was great in helping with any problems I had (inside or outside class) and providing guidance on where to find things in the studio or around town. The studio itself is a binder’s dream and I never want to leave.

AAB served me with more than I can express. They provided upon my arrival a welcoming smile that never faded, and an experience that I won’t soon forget. The clean, well-lit studio and marvelous hands-on instruction more than satisfied my appetite for learning and growth.

The small class size (we had 8 students) and access to lots of direct, hands-on attention provided by two experts — fantastic!

I searched, upon taking an interest in bookbinding, school and school, website and website, but I kept returning to AAB. The establishment itself is such a valuable resource for me to have found, one that is pleasantly affordable and within reach. This is a valuable opportunity to get hands on advice from an instructor with well-rehearsed skills, capable of gently informing me of my mistakes and steering me in the proper direction.

In 2009 we created a membership program for book enthusiasts to support the Academy with a financial contribution. In the almost 10 years since, we were able to award well over $100,000 in assistance to participating students. Thanks to generous donors, which include many past students, faculty, graduates and friends of the Academy, we will continue this fantastic program every year. To become a friend of AAB, please contact us at 970.728.8649 or email Your support makes it possible for many to attend who otherwise would not be able to and it is greatly appreciated!

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